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TGE INC. now welcomes NEW clients to reserve their Glam ExperienceIt is highly advised that you make a reservation as you see it available. 

Clients that makes reservations but don't show up for service will NOT be refunded and will be refrained from making any new reservations thereafter. 


It is the responsibility of each salon guest to read and understand all policies prior to making a reservation. Making a reservation indicates that you agree and will adhere to such policies. Policies are subject to change without notice. 


Every guest will be granted a 10 minute grace period for tardiness. It is the decision of the stylist at the time of arrival that determines if you can be serviced. This is to ensure that every guest is serviced in a timely manner.  If the schedule does not allow time to service tardy guests, you must pay a new deposit and reserve a new Glam Experience in order to be serviced. The initial deposit remains non-refundable. 

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A $50.00 deposit with $2 service charge  is acquired for every scheduled Glam Experience. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. Deposits received go toward the TOTAL cost of service(s) rendered. If your Glam Experience is cancelled within 48 hours of your scheduled service time, your deposit will be credited toward your rescheduled Glam Experience. The new reservation must be scheduled for service within the next 7 days of the original date that it was reserved. There are no deposit transfers for cancelled reservations. 






Due to the nature of services, there are absolutely NO refunds.

Deposits paid at the time of booking are non-refundable.




Salon guests must give a 48 hour notice of cancellation via email. The deposit paid at the time of reservation remains Non- Refundable. You may reserve another Glam Experience by using the reschedule link provided on the confirmation email sent to you at the original time of booking without having to pay an additional deposit.

Have additional questions? Please visit the FAQ page for more information before contacting us.

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